Global Citizenship by Investment: october 2018

monday, 1 OCTOBER | 3:00 - 5:00pm

1880 singapore

Event Description

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Event Overview:

This event is a must attend for anyone interested in learning more about various immigration by investment programs around the world, offering investors the opportunity to receive lawful resident status or citizenship by making an investment in the United States, Cyprus, and other countries with competive investment migration programs. 

This event includes a detailed overview of the US EB-5 (immigration by investment) program and other investment related immigration opportunities in Cyprus and Europe. 

This two-hour seminar provides an overview for anyone considering an investment-based move to the US, Cyprus, or Europe.

The event is sponsored by The Berkley Regional Center

The Berkley Regional Center

The Berkeley Regional Center was approved by USCIS in June of 2014. As a licensed EB-5 regional center in California, the Berkeley Regional Center will offer high quality real estate based EB-5 investments with reliable job creation and strong economic security. The Berkeley Regional Center Fund LLC is a Behring Company.

The Berkeley Regional Center knows that a simple formula for success is to concentrate on projects with simple execution strategies, transparent supply and demand drivers and defined exits. The Berkeley Regional Center brings unique opportunities to the EB-5 industry because of a Behring families 3 generations and 55 years of history developing, investing and building high value real estate in the United States and China. The Berkeley Regional Center’s primary investment markets are Northern California, specifically San Francisco, San Jose (Silicon Valley) and Sacramento.

Having unique access to rare and highly desired California residential real estate developments offers investors access to highly reliable job creation and tremendous financial protection through constructing high value residential property. Without Behring’s local development expertise, these projects would otherwise be unavailable to the EB-5 industry. Our investment model is built on fundamentals but our business is built on brilliant client service.

Founded, owned and managed by real estate investors and developers, the BRC brings a different attitude to EB-5 financing. With intimate knowledge of the needs, capabilities and goals of both the developer and the investor, the BRC can be relied upon to create Win-Win situations for everyone involved. The BRC strives daily to become the elite EB-5 Regional Center and strongest choice as a partner in the EB-5 industry. The BRC operates with one theme in mind: KEEP IT SIMPLE.


Event Schedule

Introduction and Program Overview

US EB-5 and Immigration Overview:  30 minutes

EB-5 Overview

Other Investment Based Visas

Coffee Break: 15 minutes

US Regional Center Presentation: 30 minutes

Introduction to the Cyprus Investment Program: 30 Minutes

Introduction to the Upcoming Montenegro Investment Program: 30 Minutes

Closing/Question and Answer



Jeremy Stobie  CPS Family Office

Jeremy Stobie
CPS Family Office

Michael B. Dye, Esq.  Law Office Of Michael B Dye

Michael B. Dye, Esq. Law Office Of Michael B Dye