Rob Donnelly

Rob Donnelly is an investor and entrepreneur with eighteen years of investment management, private equity, real estate, and corporate board experience. Former roles include principal investing, portfolio management and executive management in emerging companies.

In 1999, he was a founding Principal of Genesis Park, a Houston-based venture capital, private equity, and real estate fund that invested across a diverse range of industries and structures. Over the course of its tenure, the fund posted over a five-x money-multiple return on both equity and real assets.

Rob's experience in venture includes Life Sciences, Material Sciences, and Software; while his Private Equity interests cover buy out, turn-around, and value add opportunities. More important than industry or size are strong brands, sound economics and exceptional management teams.

He is also active in a variety of real estate ventures spanning commercial and residential projects. Understanding real estate cycles and exercising discipline are core tenets to his approach to risk management and preservation of capital.

In 2014, Rob formed the Texas Regional Investment Center and currently works with EB5 immigrant investors in securing US Residency by investing in quality real estate projects.

Finally, Rob has spent considerable time in the emerging manager space working with a broad range of alpha-seeking fund managers ranging from the traditional to more esoteric high-yield debt, global macro and quantitative trading.

He is a graduate of Texas A&M University [Biomedical Science] and the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University [MBA] in Dallas Texas.